Horses and Dogs

At Stockyard Creek Pioneer Homestead you may bring your horses and dogs or arrangements can be made, should guests wish, to hire horses and guides.

You and your animals are in a wondrous, fresh and invigorating environment – in the bush, up in the mountains and around valleys with creeks and rivers with the smell of peppermint in the air.

Care needs to be taken so that weeds are not inadvertently brought into the Valley.  It is useful to ’empty out’ horses before travelling and wash down hooves which may contain seeds.  Weed eradication programs are ongoing on the property each year, so you help is highly regarded.

Animals must be within the care of the owner at all times and kangaroos can be aggressive towards dogs.  Groups bringing horses or dogs are reminded that the owners are totally responsible for their care and feed.

All animals have to stay outside the Old Homestead, sorry, because other guests may be allergic to them.